Thursday, April 15, 2010


Robert landed in Charleston this morning to attend the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival.
Latitude:32.72916 Longitude:-79.99465

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sullivan's Island

After a cool foggy morning and a day of wind, Robert's position tonight: Latitude:33.03826 Longitude:-79.56093

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Robert's location last night:
Latitude:33.0383 Longitude:-79.56089

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He said yesterday morning when breaking down his camp, he had to shake the bug parts out of his tent and there were blood splatters everywhere from smacking the beasts! All around his stove there was singed mosquito carnage.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trek to Charleston -Night 1

Melissa reporting in:
Mother Nature has reminded Robert just how much he doesn't know!
He had high reviews for the staff at East Bay Park in Georgetown, SC. But tonight on Cedar Island is another story. He said he'd not see another boat or soul for hours. And as he landed and started setting up camp huge mosquitos descended. He was very nearly sucked to a dry husk before he managed to put on a storm cag to try and gain some protection as he got the tent up. At our last phone conversation he feared they would realize they could all team up and pick up the tent and carry him off like a giant burrito. He said there were so many hitting the tent that it sounded like rain! He pulled as many supplies as he could near the zipper so he could just dart a hand out for what he needed. Not sure this in the man alone communing with nature that he'd hoped for!
Last position: Latitude:33.13423 Longitude:-79.2472

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Trek to Charleston-Day 1

Melissa here, signing in for Robert.
Robert had to modify his original plan for the paddle to Charleston. Just after noon today he checked in at Latitude:33.35687 and Longitude:-79.28007

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He'll paddle out into Winyah bay and later the ocean.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

W2C Postponed and Abbreviated

Hello all,
If you come to this blog to follow my paddle from Lake Waccamaw to Charleston I am sorry to disappoint you. Due to a death in my family I was unable to begin on schedule. Due to this delay I must shorten the trip and begin in Georgetown SC on Monday the 12th. This new starting point will alow me to paddle the second half of the original route, from Winyah Bay to James Island County Park in Charleston and still attend the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival. You should still be able to follow me on this blog.

Monday, March 15, 2010

W2C, Waccamaw to Charleston

FYI, on April 9th, 2010 I will begin paddling from Lake Waccamaw NC to Charleston SC.

I will be doing this for the pleasure of it and hopefully to raise awareness in the region about the human impact on the Waccamaw River, Winyah Bay and the salt marshes and barrier islands of NC and SC. The trip will be approximately 200 nautical miles and take about a week at a moderate pace. Stay tuned for more info. and updates!

Wearing your PFD

Just a short rant.
Any rational paddler knows that not wearing a PFD is foolish, but did you know that it is also selfish and inconsiderate ?
Not wearing a PFD puts other members of a paddling group at higher risk during rescue for several reasons. Paddlers who suddenly become swimmers often panic. A panicked swimmer is one of the most dangerous things in the water. They may desperately grasp onto anything to save themselves, including a rescuer's boat, their paddle and even the rescuer. If the swimmer capsizes the rescuer they may push down on the rescuer to push themselves up. The swimmer is also not able to hold onto their gear while they are swimming adding these items to the list of things needing rescue. If their hands and legs are occupied with swimming, they can not assist in their own rescue. Unconscious swimmers not wearing PFDs sink, often leading to breathing of water (that's not a good thing). It is very difficult to rescue someone who has sunk. If you capsize in water that is 60 degrees or below you will probably experience "cold water shock". When this happens you hyperventilate uncontrollably for 3-5 minutes and lose motor control. If you cannot control your muscles, you cannot swim. If you uncontrollably inhale as water hits you in the face, you will inhale water, not good.

So, if you don't wear a PFD, don't paddle with other people. If you do wear one, don't paddle with people who don't. If you organize or lead trips, don't allow people to go bare back on your trips.